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  1. its ok i understand i have two other freinds that are also in collge i'm going to make my life better and easier and i called today and soon i will get a call telling me it will happen.
  2. well i'm glad to still have you i miss my freinds and right now when i will be making a dision that i am asking my freinds to hlep me out the dision will be made tommrrow then i will go to the hostpial sometime later i let you know my black wolf.
  3. hey i don't know why oe what is up but if you can tell me that would be best i won't be mad.
  4. lol your such a sweetie and i like to hear from you as long as we stay in touch that is all that matters you need anything or just want to chat i'm here ttyl.
  5. lol it is ok i have a few things to tie up and trash to throw out but i'm happy to hear from you and i have missed you so much but just know we can alwayls talk and i will be here for you no matter what.
  6. just life really and things will be better i just have to to be happy with what i can get and hopfully my bother will leave me alon about the dum yoga class but just so you know i think you to have what it takes to be good i think you can sing really well too.
  7. lol i miss you your a good freind and really wonderful pearson i'm shocked about the tradtao sorry but thank god you are ok and the 3 songs well i bet you kicked ass i bebilve that and thank you for letting me know.
  8. my my where did you go when i did not see you for a long time my black wolf?
  9. wow happy brithday i 'm so glad and i did but i was again saying it was not abavile i don't know why but you can call me any time i'm here for you always and i will never leave.
  10. i will try i beblive i can cause i just got home and i won't be going to class tonight so i mean really call numbers and all to check for jingles that would be me calling ok later.
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