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  1. i don't know anymore i feel like i'm a pice of shit to evryone and ttysoon just means i hope to talk to you soon.
  2. hey thanks i just need a beark do you think i'm way to nice? just wondering talk to you soon.
  3. wow it is really hot here but who knows things seem to get better and worse but somethings are better now just need to keep working on that.
  4. hello to you my freind i was on and then i saw your name how are you doing?
  5. ok but i need you alive so i do have a wonderful guy who i know is there and is a great firend of mine ttys cassy.
  6. don't thy love it will be ok just when you can trust me i wait for you.
  7. you are no ever wasting my time i'm just really stuck right now and i'm greiving cause my favotie bookstore is colsing but i got to go today and shop like carzy i really love that bookstore and i will miss it very much when it is gone i love you and talk to you soon.
  8. i tryed to call you twice last night and it said it was disconnceted or not in sverece and if you go to the hostpital i will be praying for you as i always have been i love you my freind hope to talk soon.
  9. no no no i was sick in my somacth i'm better now but i was gone i'm so sorry i will try and call tonight really i will try.
  10. hey look i'm sorry i was wacthing a moive and my bother was being a ass i will try to call you oh if you must know my freinds dicth me and hate me i don't talk to much at all.
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