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  1. ok i understand you i know what you mean don't worry i'm here for you as i am for all my freinds.
  2. ok a broken hand is bad and i can understand what your going throgh really i do let me hlep you can talk to me about anything.
  3. what is it? you know you can talk to me always pealse talk to me i'm here for you.
  4. well hey don't worry i'm here no need to worry about anything i miss you and i'm here.
  5. i will my black wolf thank you i like somthings not sure what spificely if you know what i mean.
  6. you still do with me i'm sad cause i just found out that my favortie bookstore is going out of bissness so i feel like dying right now and beacuse of the eat too.
  7. oh well i just got back home after doing the show this weeked and was stayed at my moms but it is done now but it was so awsome really it was.
  8. hey sweetie thought i'd stop by and let you know that i will be gone for a little while then i'll stop by and let you know when i get back.
  9. i'll see what we can do but that sounds like a good idea really and thank you my sweetie.
  10. actually yes i'm dating a bit more for the one i want but i'm letting him brathe right know and we want to see a sunday when we can get togather and then go from there.
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