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  1. hey its all anyone can do and just take things one step at a time ok i'm here for you always your a very good freind of mine.
  2. i understand but don't worry i wont leave i proimse you need me as much as i need you ok just don't freat i'm there for you and by your side ok no need to worry i'm here and alwys will be ttyl cassy.
  3. how many times must i say this i'm staying by your side and i'm always with you and no matter what i will always need you you are ver important to me and i love you in a way that is more then just a belssing trust me.
  4. ok i know i see it and i am just have to wacth my step and be a sweet kitty cat and purrr my way along.
  5. you should not give up either not just me you need to understand that you are meant for so much more totally.
  6. that does not mean anything i have a very high jerk factor and i don't want to deal with want what i have goining on but thank you and it may be some time soon luv ya.
  7. not rght know i can't hlep i know i was being and idiot again like i have been no i can't talk to mere anymore so i feel like i'm going to lose everyone now.
  8. well you found a way to hlep me get you one lucy you and ooh la la for you to thank you so much.
  9. i wish i could send you one but my towe is road kill right now on the inside but i'm by your side always really.
  10. well my god how do you feel if i say that and your ver hasome and have pretty eyes and you are very sweet and you have my love.
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