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  1. now i love that i love it a lot and thank you it makes me feel like i am very beatiful and i am loved.
  2. awww thanks your sweet um hope you don't mind me asking do you really see me as a goddess?
  3. thank you glad to know i do have a nutring ablitly at least to some people.
  4. how did you do that? you need to be more careful when you do tricks like that trust me i knowwich is why i cant do tricks like that anymore now.
  5. lol i was messing around and joking with you relax be clam i was trying to make you laugh and smile.
  6. doing backflips now huh? well i better whacth out and be more careful then i normally am.
  7. i'm so glad that your fainlly back i missied you a lot but now your back i'm so happy meow.
  8. my sweet sweet freind you will never lose me you do have to share me thobut i will alwaysbe here no matter what.
  9. come on talk to me i will hlep you out in every way i can you know me really well comeon tlak to me.
  10. trust is the frist thing you may not think you need me or anyone but you already have me as a freind and a garudain angel i can hlep you just trust me and fllow me and i will gude you to what is waitting and i for see that it is not sadness
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