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  1. hey you how are you it has been a few days but i'm back home i miss you a lot my lord.
  2. worn out emotiomlay from last night my mom and i got into a fight really bad so i'm still trying to feel better.
  3. ive missed you as well. so how are you this beautiful day my dear friend?
  4. -smiles back- thank you i miss you and thank you so much for always being there for me my great freind and thy lord.
  5. -smiles gently- you musnt do what you dont wish to do.
  6. thank you -hugs u- i may have to go back to one i don't want to but other wise how will i get any better {tears in my eyes}
  7. i am sorry to hear that. -hugs u- stay strong and you will find one that will cherish you for you and will not be taken away. you are a good person.
  8. a lot did i got aother love of mine taken away and i don't know why so i won't be doing a class for a while just me doing a class with just me.
  9. hey i've been a little messed up lately but good and yes i will e-mail you ans send you a peom i worte not to long ago.
  10. hey you it has been forever my freind i miss you like crazy how are you doing how is everything?
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