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  1. hey my good freind how are you doing and how is collge life? miss you
  2. hey my freind who are you? also how is collge life treating you so far? miss you and hope to talk to you soon.
  3. hey you it has been a very long time i miss you and i'm wondering how you are and what you are up to with all your telents and gifts let me know tty soon.
  4. hey my freind i miss you so much how are you? what is up? i'm so sorry i was gone but i'm back now.
  5. it ok i understand i'm hurting in my heart cause someone betryed my trust but other then that good and i miss you did you here that they are shutting this site dwon?
  6. hey where have you been i've missed you so much and i have really really missed you are you ok are you safe?
  7. hey my good good freind thought i'd let my freinds know i will not be on for two weeks but i get to have my sergery tommrrow mroing.
  8. well the show is this saterday and then i wait a long time until the 23rd and then i go from there.
  9. hey hey my freind how are you i miss you how is everything going for you?
  10. you are corrcct but everything will get better and i will follow my heart and i promise everything will be good i miss you my freind.
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