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  1. somthing is up with me and yeah i do but at lest i can deal with my suergery and i get to have my nana see me dance and that is so very cool frist time also for real and i will i miss you so much but i will be gone but i will let you know when i get back my mom is going to try and hlep me from getting to stressed cause when i do now i cry and it is not very good for me right now love ya.
  2. i'm sacred really really sacred but i shoudn't be and i'm going to spend to gobble day with my mom and bother then try to do what ever i can to make it through and then i wondn't have one more thing to worry about i miss you and i want to hlep you.
  3. hey i thought i would never hear from you a gain how is everything going my freind?
  4. hey there my freind here i am and i'm waitting for you and i to talk.
  5. your on your on where did you go i missed you so much i had no idea.
  6. "jacob i fanilly found you again i missed you much how are you doing is everything ok?"
  7. hello how are you doing my freind saw you and thought i'd pop by and say hi and see how you are.
  8. hello my freind i thought i'd find you and i was hoping to see you i miss you and i wont be home until after sunday now so can we talk.
  9. hey now i found you well did not know util just now it some how worked.
  10. ahha i found you again i new i would and now can cacth me again my freind.
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