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  1. hey i found you and i'm very happy that i did i wount lose you again
  2. hey where have you been i missed you where have you been.
  3. hey you left why i missed you why did you leave so soon why did you?
  4. hey my freind what is up with me and i thought you were and still do think your very sweet.
  5. *smiles* thank you your ver sweet and i'm glad to see that you still think that i'm good at lest some people do still.
  6. Dance,sing,write, make a fool of myslef some times but hey i'm hauman can't chage that.
  7. you want somthing i know it so stop the really just wondering stuff and ask you can.
  8. yesterday was good and today is good too oh and this weeked not much for saturday and sunday hanging with an old freind.
  9. well if you want to know what i think i will tell you everything just ask and then you shall know.
  10. hello good to see you online and very cirous about you i think i'd like to know more about you.....
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