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  1. Wow, its been forever since Ive been on this, if you still get on this thing then how have you been? if you remember me.
  2. hello my freind i thought i'd stop by and say hello and see what you might be up to at thins timee.
  3. hello freind thought i'd drop by and say hello and i will be gone but i will be back and i will let you know.
  4. hello man how has everything been going have not heard from you so when you get this go head and drop me a line.
  5. hey hope everything is gooing well for you and i'm wondering how you are my freind?
  6. not too much and now you can find me at a new place and no matter what your a rock star and i know you will be really great.
  7. "oh my god that is so cool and really good your so good i knew something great was going on i new it" i'm so happy for you rally i am.
  8. not a lot ups downs and a little mess in between but it will go away just have to take it day by day what about you?
  9. hey there wuzz uup? i was around and checking on a few things and wantted to stop by and see how you are diong and if evrything is ok with you?
  10. hey my friend hows it goin i thought i'd stop in and say hello and check up on you i hope to talk to you soon.
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