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  1. thanks how is everything going with you and your band if i can ask that?
  2. well i'm going with my mom and nexted time i can hopfully do both not this time but i still get to proefrom and that is very cool.
  3. it's ok i understand a new band huh? that sounds cool and i have to think of what to do in may cuse i have two things going on and i want to do both but i'm scared that i can't so i'm worred about what to do.
  4. hey it has been so long i'm very very very very glad to hear from you a lot has chagend since the last time we spoke excpt for our bond as freinds that is still the same hello back how are you?
  5. just spending it with my mom my bother and i are going to spend eve there and the next day as well then pack up and come back to our box sweet box are home is a box.
  6. so what are you thinking of doing for the holidays this year any ways?
  7. yeah it is really really carzy wich makes it suck for all of us and i got my chance to work taken from me but i will....
  8. deptrely trying to find a place to vanteener but i hope i do things are a lot hander now with how things are.
  9. lol so are you still in school or do you work or both? just wondering nothing creepy just so you know.
  10. thank you i enjoy talking to to your a good freind and somehow we found a good bond ttyl cassy.
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