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  1. just hangout studying and them chillin i miss talking to you it havs been a very long time.
  2. hey what's up with you my freind i'd thought i'd drop in and say hello.
  3. thanks i not really old and wrkiley i'm in my twenties not that old i'd say but we are just freinds that is what i meant just so you know talk to you later.
  4. i have a problem with how i look and i have no sanner i think it is better for some people not to know how i look but if you want to know send me a PM and i will see what i can do but i'm taken just so you know.
  5. same stuff diffrent day as what one of my old freinds use to say not really anything new what about you.
  6. that is ok it is fine that you asked i just let you know in a kind way and your sweet.
  7. it's so i do not get confused and i keep what me and my freinds including you talkabout confdantail is that ok?
  8. really well who might the two you have to chosse bettween if you do not mind me asking and that has to be hard for you of all people maybe i can hlep or give you a little adivce.
  9. not to much i'm just watting for my mind to cacth up with me and working through somethings how about you my good freind?
  10. yeah but i blame it on on theat pumes son of a b***h bush it is his fault that we are in all this carp and i hate hin with all my being.
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