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  1. well frist i lost my job and now i'm back looking for valnteer work and if you have any bothers or sisters than you know how they get on your nevres
  2. i'm good just somethings did change but other then that i an ok just trying to relax but it is not that eay living with who i am.
  3. hello my freind how are you? thought i'd drop by and say hi and check how you are doing.
  4. really? that sounds like a promise and i'm not sure how it will work but i'm alwayls up for somthing new and really cool.
  5. sweeter comes way to late for this kitty and that is why a lot of things seem to come down on me and i had a lot today and i can say eaxctly what each thing was .
  6. i've been good so far this week got some crap going on but other then that thing are very good how about you?
  7. sure thing and i'm doing ok just have somethings going on in my life but i thought i should check in with you and see how you are doing, and i miss you well got to go talk to you later cassy.
  8. hey my freind i have not heard from you in a while so i thought i'd drop in and say hi.
  9. well you can pm me for now i'm on and you are to see you and i'm here for a while.
  10. thanks so when you have a chance let me know what a good time we can really talk later.
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