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  1. happy valentiles day... and ive been doing good... hope u have a good day
  2. happy valentine's day how have u been cathy me i've been good just been here & there haha
  3. thats good to kno & i feel better too except i feel like utter shit now cuz i let a bunny die i bought a bunny for a special person like she is amazin & very special & i let it die on me it was by accident i had gone to my hometown to do some important things & i forgot to be clear with my roomate & he let it starve to death & i feel soooo bad cuz she is now depressed & i have a feelin that if i tell her how i feel she wnt feel the same now............................................... ........
  4. awww, im ok... just hanging in there... ^_^ i hope u get better and not trying to rub it in or anything but i cant get sick..
  5. ya me too =) so how have u been me i'm sick as hell right now i think i'm catchin augie's col o she's the one i like well ya i've been takin care of her little by little but ya i might be catchin her cold
  6. im glad, and i hope everthing works out for u.....
  7. nothin much is new & ya right like i'd give up on her she's amazin & i actually do love her
  8. u better not!! so how is everything? oh i havent given up on him nether.. but if u do give up on her then that just proves that theres no hope of any of us
  9. eh its ok i'll show her i can be there u kno i wnt give up on it
  10. yea i kno.... some times a girl doesnt kno when to let go... ur ex in this case.. but i hope u and the one u want to be with works out!! and i wont give up at least not until he does... and im sorry thats happing to u
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