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  1. eh to u bro i always have a long ways to go for everythin huh haha well maybe i do maybe i dnt one dnt kno but ya my relationship is goin well man christina is a great girl she makes me smile & actually she seems alot better than augie really buth ow have u been bro
  2. when do i ever get in trouble... in fact when do i ever get caught at that... you shouldnt have to worry about me.. but more on ur self bro u still got a way to go before you catch up to me... so what you been up to anything new with you? and hows ur relationship going? i dont mean to prey but just asking you dont have to tell me if you dont feel like it? well bro see you around take care and have a nice day laterz
  3. haha u got it bro i'll keep out of trouble if u do the same man
  4. lol sorry about that just really bored so i thought id leave you that message well bro how have you been i saw you on but guess your not here at the same time.. well hope you get this message but if not oh well next time i guess.. well bro see you around take care andh stay out of trouble you hear me... i wont take any excuses anymore...
  5. hey you... wake up...... wake up already... hey !!! get wake up already bro its time for work.... if your late im not making any excuse for the boss you hear... im going see you there.... YOU BETTER SHOW UP OR ITS GONNA BE UR A$$ NOT MINE YOU HEAR ME!!!!
  6. hey bro i have a question do u kno wats up with cathy she sent me a message sayin she had some news but didn't kno how i was gonna take it did she say anythin to u? o well how have u been man i've been ok just tryin to find a way down to visit again
  7. no prob bro u take care too & u kno wat u should come with me to the korn & disturbed concert here in cruces next month
  8. hey mind doing me a favor and just stopping by when you have a chance so we can talk in person i dont like talking like this and besides that i know your not to blame... i just hate know what happened to you was cuz of someone that i considered a bother.. but yea so when your free just hit me up... i wont hurt you to bad.... lol kidding just kidding... well see you around drew.. take care bro..
  9. k & the reason of wat stephone did to me happened was cuz i let it i introduced them to eachother i got them together cuz i knew that there was nothin left for me with her anymore nothin she wouldn't like me the way i liked her & so i introduce stephto her & wel they started datin calin it fate but they kno it was cuz of me i dnt even get a thank you for makin them both happy but ya i understand d i wasn't bein coward more or less i was lettin go of somethin close to me to make someone else happy i kno u would do the same thing let go of somethin or someone u cared for their happiness it sucked yes but i knew there was no hope for me anymore with her
  10. im gonna ask you this one quesion... why? why didnt you do something about this.. why did you let it go this far...? if you think im only mad at you ur wrong im very pissed off at stephone.. he wont come visit like he use too.. he's avoiding me and that one thing im pissed about plus what he did to you.. i wont forgive him for that... but you know what drew we are bro's and id like to keep it that way.. but if you keep on being a coward i dont know where the future will take cuz.. i hope you understand and dont take this the wrong way but if not then.. it cant be helped... you just take care Andrew k
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