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  1. well tha cool then mabye we can keep in touch this summer on here because i will be in ohio and well this may be the only way we can keep in touch
  2. ya and now i'm gonna try and get on more often its been hell
  3. well god how the hell was i suposed to know and well at least your on for no
  4. its andrew u dumb dumb rene just put the comment and i haven't been on with a lot of stuff tho man i dnt get on anymore wat the hell lol
  5. i dont know could this be rene on andrews AO account because andrew dont get on any more
  6. ur such a duche bag peterson lol. Bet u cnt find out who this is huh can ya. Can ya? i dnt think u can. u probably can. can ya? bet not
  7. now pass it
  8. ok will dodude hahaha o and a smal piece of info kingdom hearts 3 comes out fall 2009 here and it is gonna be sweet especially cuz its a two player game and instead of three ppl u r four
  9. that was D-Bo's idea and well yeah i know every thing on this site and well if u need help just pm me
  10. hahahahaha wats upp dude me nothin much dude can u believe they r postin bleach now twice hahaha i bet u already knew that but o well laters dude o and p.s i ain't no bitch
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