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  1. im doing a little fan fiction for naruto so ppl can have a chance to be part of the show.
  2. ok that sounds good so wat kind of club or thing is it ur doin
  3. im doing great just trying to get ppl to join my fan fic for naryto. if u want to join just pm me ur character
  4. ur welcome so how have u been today or lately? me i'm doin ok
  5. its okey.... and thanks lots of ppl say that .
  6. lol ok again sorry tho lol o i do like ur profile pic tho its awesome
  7. its okey .
  8. thats cool lol this is kinda dumb i'm sorry but i thought this angel was another angel that i kno i'm sorry if i got u confused
  9. iv meet him on here!............................................. ..
  10. how do u kno him just through here or have u met him in person yet?
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