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  1. well one of my friends found the Jonas's phone number on myspace
  2. You don't say...? I mean, you've got Nick Jonas's phone number and you and your friends have been punking him over the phone from time to time? Now that's something.

    The pitfalls that come with being rich and famous, I guess.
  3. Well one is if nick jonas awnsers the phone...we find a miley cryus song (mainly "If we were a movie) and play it on the phone and if he asks if it's miley we'll randomly say of my friends said that they talk in a funny accent and say : "This is mr. bubbles please open the door to get a free bubble bath from me (something like that)...No seriously open the door".....if we were right in the driveway of their house leave a big tub of water and bottle of bubble bath soap.....I can't remember..were trying to think of more
  4. A Jonas Brothers prank? Really now... What's that like?
  5. oh.........ok......I just came back from softball and one of my friends thought of something to do if we prank called the jonas brothers
  6. Well, it's about a university for people with special abilities. Psychics, mostly. I've read the first few pages, and yes, it's interesting. And it's gonna go on for a long time, I guess.

    Check it out. In the meantime, I'm still waiting for a reply from the GM.
  7. ......What's that rp about.......*has rp'd before and really doesn't want to wait*
  8. Well Shadow, perhaps it'd be a good idea to join an already existing RP thread before moving on to create your own. I'm thinking Psychic University could be a good idea. Wanna try? I've asked them if they're taking in new members, and I'm still waiting.
  9. o_O....there's always the pokemon RP I've been wanting to create
  10. RPing? You mean role-playing, right?

    Some forums I know have these text-based role-playing threads... Though you'd have to get a lot of folks interested in your idea before the mods would approve. At least that's what I know from guidelines from elsewhere.

    Here's hoping you get yours started! XD
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