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  1. youth is a wonderful thing be glad that you are sixteen and enjoy the year
  2. ok cool... i like to read draw and hang with friends.. i like anime... a lot. im 16 and wont be 17 until next year
  3. my name is ShadowMinx(sam) i am a female, i am 14 soon to be 15 and i like to read and draw and watch anime and read manga
  4. its nice to meet u im cathy.. also known as dark angel.. or cat. well im gonna have to get to kno u a little bit first.. so ur name.. if u dont give ur name out on here then u can message it to me.. age ... and im sorry about this but gender. um someting about me im 16 years old, i like dragons and skulls.
  5. hello nice to meet you i am new here Do whant do you want to talk about
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