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  1. sorry i havet bin on lately bin bisey looking for work so how have you bin im good
  2. well i like naruto and bleach and fooly cooly and blood+ and gurann lagann and some more that i forget
  3. sofar i have yet to find a store that sell any so i dont have one as of yet and whats your favorit manga/anime searies
  4. cool "mad world" sounds mad XD do you have anymore and what manga are you in to
  5. another fun wii game for me is "mad world" i dont know if you might like it but to his its own
  6. im not shure what you are in to but a fun game for me is Zelda twilight (well mostley aney zelda game for me)
  7. it is AWESOME!! you will absolutely love it what about you any video games you like to tell me about
  8. cool is super mario galaxi aney good ive herd about it but i have never played it
  9. i have super smash bro. brawl and super mario galexy wii sporta deal or no deal and two others whom name i forget
  10. so is your manga syfy (aka magical powers or monsters)also what games do you have for your wii just asking because i have one too
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