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  1. yeah well I didnt need to know either but they told me so I told you I dont know why............
  2. Interesting wow did not need to know that but okay i must have hit my head
  3. My friends are are so weird..........their looking at gay anime porn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I sometimes do it for fun or just to get out of a stiution at times n maybe for fun of it
  5. I confuse my friends sometimes and its really funny most the whats new with you?????
  6. I understand man kay n sry i always confuse ppl somehow it my habit cant stop it but it fun to me
  7. no no no you didnt do anything to offfend me or her... I knew you were just joking but I wasnt sure who you talking about at first...I was a little confused
  8. Relax i was just joking around i said i was jk u should tell the differnce and sry if i meant anything at all to offence u or her did not mean to kay
  9. are you talking about deiuchi?She is nice.....kinda
  10. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO she not jk or am i no really she seem nice
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