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  1. I've never had surgery,but just thought scares me...I hope I never have to get surgery...the main reason is I'm terrified of needles!!!!!!!
  2. im getin the surgery done beacause a wille back my neck started to hurt so i when to the docter to see what it whas they are not shure what it is so they are gona operate to get a beter idea of what they are dealing whit and besides this isnt my first time geting surgery so im not woried hahahahahahaha surgeris funny
  3. owwww surgery.....if you dont mind me asking why do you have to get surgery??????
  4. its fine for me exsept that i have to go get some surgery done soon (noting majer)
  5. life treating me ok....I just cant wait till schools out...I love summer hows life treating you
  6. ........what?........ sorry codent help my self so how is life trieting you
  7. Yeah I'm like that somtimes....Someone will tell me something and I'll completely ignore them...I'll usaully find out later what they told was kinda important...
  8. ............youre probabley like me in trow one out the other.....................
  9. I've totally already read them...My friend like made me,well she like read them to me bc I wasn't paying much attention.
  10. its fine i never turn down a friend recuest and also dont forget to read the rules dont whant to get baned
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