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  1. hi hi rave soo tired lol nothin new for me
  2. i must sleep good night/good morning/wtfe it just so happens to be lol jk im notmean enough to be so distant
  3. well coffee bombed out for me lol it just made me sleepier
  4. *supersleep mode activated* zzzzzzzz....jk im seriously tired now maybe i should drink coffee right now
  5. lol im easily distracted if i dont keep on task and im so tired it makes my attention span shorter than normal
  6. Ahh, don't worry. I'm busy anyway, haha.
  7. omg sorry i got into a conversation with my friend gareth on msn sorry forgot myself
  8. tis k then lol fix your compie first im the lesser of the two evils right now a friend has me completely mellowed out right now
  9. Oh sorry I thought i replied. yeah, I'm fixing my comp atm.
  10. still alive there or did you do what i want to and go to sleep
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