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  1. i wish my pics would load up cause i actually like the pic of me and my cousin i have up in the album
  2. Good luck lol
  3. im right now undecided on a major but most likely ill be doing either art or law
  4. Eh, it's not showing ... what course do you do?
  5. im in college lol and i just added pics so you can see what i look like the dark haired chick lol
  6. 19 years old and cuddly. How lucky am I xD
    So are you in college? I graduated from school.
  7. im 19 and yes im the big cuddly dino everyone is afraid of til they start talkin to me then they love to be around me
  8. So you're cuddly too? Awesome How old are you? I'm 17.
  9. yeah sure lol im not picky...actually just to show how unpicky one of my nicknames is billy the cuddly dino
  10. hehe, can I cal l you Shelly? It's much easier in my opinion.
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