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  1. aww... i'm not feeling to well today... i've been depressed since my GFs parents don't whant her to talk to me anymore... they say that we talk way to much and stuff... and i got depresed... and i eat allot when i'm depressed
  2. if you want something and people didn't like and you are sure that this thing is a good thing or the thing that you want , so do it this is not your parents dream so hold on your dream ^_^ ... and thank you , you are a good friend too .. and sorry for late answering ... =^_^=
  3. i certainly won't forget my dream.... but my parents sure wish i will.... and thanks for being my friend and stuff, i willl be you'r frient to ^^ so if u ever need me for something i'm right here
  4. ooo i am sorry about your suffering ._. .. everyone suffring in this life everyone have something that make him/her in pain but one day this all will go becasue you stand there against it ^_^ ... and for an older sister ,i don't know , and i will tell you that i will be here for you if you need some one to cheer you up or someone to talk to ^_^ ...
    and talking about your dream i will tell you this if you believe that you can do what you dream of your dream will become true , so never forget your dream ^_^ .... =^_^=
  5. well yes i guess you can say i'm allright... but actualy i'm not....... i allways tend to keep my emotional paint to parents are really mean with me... andways yelling and screaming..... lots of stuff happened in my childhood also that made me suffer and stuff.... but nomatter how great the pain, i allways smiled back at those who made me suffered....... wish i had an older sister like you......... how is she ? does she cheer you up when you're sad and stuff ?
    there's one thing that makes me look foreword to life...... i whant to be a manga- anime drawer and stuff.... if i could reach that goal i whould be rly happy... but the possibilityes here are really slim and well... you understand.... it's like that little ray of light i constantlu shrinking and i'm being consumed by darkness... or something like that XD ( actualy inside T_T )
  6. oo sorry about that ._. ... so are you ok now ?? .... and nothing new happened to me i am just siting on AO all the time XD and study for my exam .. i hate exams X3 .. =^_^=
  7. talk abbout moody.... i just found out that my GF cheated on me this morning....... i was sad at first... but i got over it allready.... well kindof.... i'm still a little bit shocked.... her cousin told me... they where gone on a mini vacation.... and he told me he caught her kissing with some other guy -_-".... well.. it's not like i own her..... but talk abbout comitment.......

    Oh well..... what are you doing all day ? anything interesting happen to you lateley ?
  8. XD this is a lot of stuff ... and really you have many moods ... i like to do all the things you said but that not depend on my mood XD ...=^_^=
  9. welll not much... i've been REplaying kingdom hearts 1 and 2.... nothing much to do.... i'm planing on reading the manga after i finish playing again.... besides that... i'm makeing new signatures.. playing on the computer.... drawing ALLOT.... and watching movies.... depending om my mood... i'm a really moody person.. meaning i can be sad and after 10 minutes i'm really happy or hyper and stuff
  10. Hi ^_^ .. i am good but i am studying for my exam XD .. nothing els .. so how are you and how have you been ^_^ .. =^_^=
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