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  1. remember to not eat the fish man, it's one of Tinner's "pets" per se
  2. that should be amusing, oh, I'll be posting the fish thing's char sheet soon. since it's an NPC anyone can use him
  3. well funny coincidence.. remember my job is Fisherman/Warrior right ?? well i got a nice idea... i'm gonna catch that mutated fish of your's and get that fishing pole :3
  4. make friends with Tinner and he's more than willing to help you out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. that's pretty cool... that's an unique ability right ?? hope you'l dream me a plate armer :3
  6. not yet and in case you are wondering about Tinner, he's comletely unique. if he can dream it, he can get it
  7. lolz the death star part made pe laugh... big starwars fan... did you see my profile's video ???
  8. maybe have him show up and chase the fish thing or go visit Disney World or, Atlantis Shadow Walk to see the Death Star
  9. yea... pretty cool.. i have yet to post tho ^^ i'm kinda lagging in imagination mow
  10. you have a pretty cool charactr on Changeling. I'm the one playing Tinner
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