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  1. exactly... that's why i stopped at episode 5 lol..... who the heck whould play yu-gi-oh on motorbikes O_o?
  2. How good is the new Yu-Gi-Oh because I haven't seen it yet but I have heard that it
    is not as good as the original and that it looks goofy.
  3. well...let's say a bunch of mecha stuff like.... Gantz, Neon genesis evangelion.... i'm not really into Gundam......FLCL LOL X3

    i'm planing of watching ghost in the shel......

    some other stuff i've watched allot of stuff so far that i can't even remember most fo them....let's see... Golden Boy , Tenjho Tehge, Vamp Knight, BD-DBZ-DBZ GT,Trigun,The Melancholy of Haruki Suzumia..... or whatever her name is spelled like.....
    .Hack//Roots, and all the other .Hack// animes, DNAngel, Inuyasha, Hellgirl, Death Note,...... and many others..... i can go on forever.....

    i'm currently watching Bleach, Shippuuden, D.Gray Man, Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's, One Piece and other stuff that does'nt really come to mind right now
  4. Well, no rush, whenever you think of something, so how are you doing?
  5. well... a bunch of other tuff... can't really think of anything now.... it's like 3 AM in the moring -_-"
  6. Cool, I love FLCL and Yu-Gi-Oh, so what else do you like?
  7. y thankyou i'm a big yu-gi-oh fan to and FLCL to X3
  8. I just came over to say I love your avatar and signature.
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