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  1. Why So Serious? N things are rather boring yet intense when u further examine it.
  2. sup ?? how are thing going on you'r side ??? things are getting awfully boring here... my dad just got back from spain..... i was hopeing he's stay a little longer ... damn.. things are going to get serrious lol
  3. yea... tell me abbout it.... i doubble posted by accident and even before i had the cance to merge the posts i got an infraction... talk abbout speed O_o....
    and yes it has T_T
    due to me getting a 30 point infraction, I can't design my signature the way i want to.
    I also think I got the infraction for a jacked up reason but whatever. Just an opinion (because I HAVE to say its an opinion or else I'll get another infraction.) the Mods here are too serious.
    "Why So Serious?"
  5. you're welcome... i'm glad you like it

    thing is, i could have done better... but i got a nasty virus recently and i had to format my PC.. nad i lost all my photoshop related things

    so what's up ? anything chaotic happen recently ?
  6. O.o .....whoa...!
    Thats great....
    ur like my new best friend on AO now i hope u know that...
    thanx so very much....
  7. yea... i just watched batman tonight.... kinda sad that the Joker got caught again at the end.... he was right abbout the people of the city... and in the end he still won the game.. since the cops are after Batman cuz he took the blame for "Burntface man"

    anyway i got bored after the movie and i remembered u so.. well i made u a sig for no reason... hope you like it... if not... well, i lost the game

  8. wish i could do the 1'st ...... but unfortunatley i can't.... i'm with the Organization... i'm not chosen by the keyblade :|
    and well... randomness is one of the few things that brightens up my day
  9. Draw a Keyblade... or draw a Spawn....i dunno, just being random! lol.
  10. well not much.... i'm in dire need of my dose of laughter today... i kinda understand the joker... this world is getting more and more boring by the day...... i'm thinking of drawing something but i'm so toughtless today i don't have any clue what..... any soggestions?
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