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  1. Omg, that was weird! I was about to tell you I had to go lol XD Alright night! I'll PM you tomorrow! ^^
  2. Yep yep, so true!! We'd have signs and camra's...oh the horrors they would face...heheheh. XD
    Nee well I g2g for now. I gotta be up in a few hours..since i'll be leavin. Why so'll kill me lol. So ttyl kk nighty night *hugs* X3
  3. Omg, so true! They'd be so attacked by all the fangirls, and we'd totally be the ones leading it lol XD
  4. I know!! They would look soooo cute!! So would I, i'd be right there with ya lol. It'd be somethin if somebody cosplayed as Sasuke and Naruto's kids...they would get sooo many fangirls!! X3
  5. lol XD yeah! And I bet that would look the kid can have black hair and blue eyes or something like that. Omg I'd totally glomp them cause of their cuteness! X3
  6. Hmm so true lol. Having one Naruto to deal with right now is enough stress in him but I don't think he'd mind to much. He'd probably complain but inside he'd be happy. And of course ya know there will be a chibi sasuke in the bunch, so he won't be alone Lol. XD
  7. lol XD omg I can so see that happening...though I think with little Naruto's running around, Sasuke'll probably go crazy lol XD
  8. Aww thankies!! *hugs* Ne I understand, school can be rough lol. Aww that makes him even more cute!! I can see it now, a mini sasuke acting like naruto...their very own baby...*goes off into yaoi fangirl land* XD
  9. Oh, yeah, btw, Happy Birthday! Sorry I didn't tell you sooner, schools horrid this year...O.o And yeah, your right, he is...he's like, so flippin' hyper it's scary!
  10. Lol, I guess so lol. Mom promised me she'd take me out for my birthday, even if it is abit late lol. Awww how cute!! So he's like a mini sasuke/naruto mix huh. XD
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