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  1. Yeah pretty much, don't go 2 bed till like 5 am or so lol. I can't sleep well at times..takes forever 4 me 2 get tired Lol. Well i've been out of high school for a year now but no college, work comes 1st Lol. I'll be takein over the family yeah Lol
  2. Are you up all night often?
    Oh, btw, are you in college now, or...?
  3. Yep...I slept 2 long on it LOL. That's why I try 2 makes sure it's not 2 close when i'm up all night Lol.
  4. 4 hours?? Aiyoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo haha
  5. Lol just be careful with it Lol. It can be harmful and such a pain Lol. Once 4 me it took a few hours 4 a print 2 fade....I didn't leave the house that day LOL
  6. Haha, it's on my stomach right now, so that should be a problem~ d-(^o^)-b keke
  7. Yeah it is, I like'em Lol. Awww that was sweet of ya but why didn't ya get urself 1?
    Ohhhh I see Lol. Just don't fall asleep at the com...keyboard prints aren't fun...I should know LOL
  8. That's so awesome! I bought my mom a kimono when I was in Japan, but I didn't get one for myself >.< haha

    Well, I'm trying to stay up late, that way I can adjust better to the time there lol
  9. Yep yep, so do I lol. Her's is a dark blue with cherry blossom patteren and mine is dark green with dragons on it lol ^__^ Awww maybe ya should lay down and get some rest, after all ur leavein 4 China tomorrow Lol
  10. Ah, she has a kimono?? Cool! *is jealous*

    Ah, I'm getting tired~ haha
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