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  1. Sadly no (didn't have time 2 get herself a costume) but she's gonna wear her kimono though, so she will be kinda Lol
  2. Ah, so is your friend cosplaying, too? ^^

    (stupid character limit -_- haha)
  3. Oh, that sucks! Make'em go with ya anyways Lol. Tell them it'd be fun lol. Yep yep!! So i'm a bit nervous but it'll still be fun, since a friend of mine will be with I should live Lol.
  4. Most of my friends in college don't like anime or manga ^^;
    Will this be your first time cosplaying?
  5. Really? No one will go with ya? Couldn't ya get some friends 2 tag along or somethin? Hmm yeah might not be safe 2 go alone, their not bad or anything..just in case somethin else happened though. Yep yep!! Been waitin ages 2 cosplay and finally the time has come!! Lol
  6. I really want to go to one, but I have no one to go with generally and I'm afraid to go alone ;_; haha (Not to mention my parents would throw a fit if I went alone)
    Ah, cool ^^
  7. Yeah it is! Really? Ya should try 2 go 2 one sometime, it's alot of fun. This will be my 3rd, Yay!! lol. Well i'm gonna cosplay as a soul reaper from bleach and a ninja from naruto...kinda my own persons ya know Lol. ^__^
  8. Ah, that's so cool!! I've never been to a convention *is jealous*
    What are you going to cosplay as?
  9. Oh really?! Awesome!! ^__^ Ohhh i'm goin somewhere as well this comein thrusday (and wont be back till sunday night) lol. I'll be goin 2 an anime convention again!! YAY!! It's gonna be soooo awesome!! I'm gonna even cosplay this year lol. So i'll be puttin up pics after I get back, hopefully Lol But i'll have my laptop, so I will not miss AO and the rest of the net Lol. ^__^
  10. I might even try to get online when I'm there, and if I do I'll update you as I go~ hehe
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