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  1. hey! xD

    Things are going goood!

    and no worries, hope all goes well with your new PC ^^
  2. Hey gwen, its been a while. I just stopped in real quick to see how things are going. (and not to be demoted from Gallery Mod. LOL)

    Anywho, wanted to stop in and thank you for taking care of SOTW while I'm out. It may be a couple more weeks til I'm "back" with my new PC.

    ~thanks gwen
  3. no worries! I don't mind doing it!
  4. Hey, atleast you did something...better than what happened a while back in where no one did a thing so...

    And if its no problem for you than could you take care of things? I'm still in the process of trying to decide to either stick to trying and get my crummy PC running or if I should just instead invest into a new PC...which has a new set of problems of its own as I need to decide between desktops or laptops and exactly how much I want to spend...*blah*blah*blah*

    Anyways, thanks again for taking care of SOTW~
  5. no worries Shinku! sorry for not doing something about it earlier ^__^;; I was a bit slow on the uptake this week.

    want me to take care of it for a bit while PC problems? I'm just procrastinating about doing uni work anyway xD
  6. Hey gwen, wanted to stop in and thank you for taking care of the SOTW. My PC decided to throw a fit so...finally got it to work, to the minimal extent. ^^; Anywho, thanks again and also another thanks for taking care of next week's SOTW. Lucky thing that you won...not that you'd need luck to win SOTW though. ^_^
  7. (O_O) Oh wow, guess I did...well ok than. )XD
  8. he he, that's ok hope it was a good one! and I don't mind ^^ wait! you did wish me a happy birthday!

    see the 'view conversation'? it was the last thing we talked about xD
  9. thanx for the belated b-day comment I feel horrible for not doing/saying anything on your b-day...(,_,) I shall take note of your b-day on my calender for next year!! (>_<)/

  10. ^____^

    Thanks shinku!
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