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  1. ...yeah, basically a week late but:

    Happy Birthday~!!!!

  2. No, no, no, its an honor for me to be able to use such a beautiful sig. ^_^

    (0_0) Awww, thank you so very much for fixing it up and adding an avy. I am soooooo thankful. m (_ _) m I shall look forward to it very much. (No, I'm not pressuring you or anything, take your time with it cuz theres no rush)

    And I dont "like" it, I "LOVE" it. LOLS, the sig itself is beautiful enough but you've managed to bring out Matia's charm in it as well.

    ~Again, thank you sooooooooo very much
  3. I would love it you wore it ^___^

    I'll fixer' up (change the username) and make a matching avi today for ya!

    I'm glad you like it! It was an experiment for me lol
  4. (O_O) For the love of god, you must let me have that Polyphonica sig you've made....I just LOVE it. I can tell you now that it will be a LONG time before I switch that out. (Ofcourse unless you make another Polyphonica sig.LOL)

    ...and if you do not mind me asking, IF it is ok than may I ask for an matching avy as well? ^^;

    ~pretty please?
  5. zomg! I KNOW! 2 episodes to go, it's killing me too lol its crazy. I don't know who to go for anymore, since well they both seem crazy.. with some kind of mad dream and plus the fact that most of my fav. characters have been killed off xD (actually all but one!)
  6. I just watched episode 23 last night....and I have to say, "HOLY $#!+". the last 3 episodes have turned EVERYTHING around. Especially what happened at the end of ep.22, I joked about that happening and it actually happened...I freaked. Arrrrgh, 2 more eps left!!! Its killing me!! (T^T) Although there was one bad thing...I have to rewrite my Geass fanfiction since Bismark (Knight of One) ended up with the same Geass that I wanted to give my main character...damn it.
  7. 'ello fellow code geass watcher! are you just as surprised as I am with what CCR2 is throwing at us LOL especially episode 21 & 22 ( I think it was that one lol). I'm off to watch 23 now.

    Hows the world keeping you?
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