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  1. i guess so! just saw it and thought, "Hey! the Shinkz no Kagez likez that girl! he might want to see this~!!"

    and i bought some stuff from there today! a kitty bento, pencil case, aroma pencils, and highlighters! huzzah!!

    Soshi gave me the money cuz he felt like being nice! ain't that great?
  2. ....OK? Thanks?

    Sorry, I aint much into Hug Pillows. ^^; For one they're quite expensive just for some printed pillow cases and two, I think of it as "crossing the line" from regular otaku to "OMG!? Otaku"....D: (
  3. you should really REALLY check this out! -->
  4. yeah, that one is fugly!

    i like a couple of them, but Tsukasa is like one of the most "oh-my-gosh-i-would-do-that" characters!!

    ^o^ you almost have the whole group?! oh my gosh! are you gonna have them like sing and dance!?
  5. Nice. b(-w-)d (But I've already had mine for a while...along with Konata and Kagami) I'm still waiting to get Miyuki-san along with a few others from the figma line-up. The HP is definitely worth looking into:

    ....WTF!!!? *looks at #29* ARE THEY TRYING TO LOSE BUSINESS!!!? *cries in fear*

    ...and I really want to get the Nagato Nendoroid, but I cant cuz I have to preorder vol.3 of the Haruhi-chan manga. Which I cant...and even if I could the deadline for it is in a few days so. (T^T)


  7. aw... so i guess a bike wouldn't be much better huh? especially in the snow!
  8. Well technically I will be ditching my car....for a newer one atleast. I'm currently in the process of taking out an another loan. "Yay...." (T^T)

    If I could walk to work and school than I would but its an 45min~1hour drive into town for me, I quite literally live in the middle of nowhere. Hell, its a 10min drive to the closest "store" in my area. (T^T)
  9. hey Shinku! glad you're back!

    have an idea! why don't you ditch cars altogether? walking is cheaper then driving, and you'd only have to pay for shoes and possible injuries! everyone knows a broken leg is cheaper than a broken car! and plus you get to pick the color of your cast!
  10. yeah! that one! that one!

    what's it all about? i like the girl with red hair becuz she has red hair!
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