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  1. wouldnt happen to mean, "Shakugan no Shana" now would you? Cuz otherwise I cant come up with anything with a title that's anything close to what you've said.
  2. Hey Shinkz! quick anime question!

    a lot of people seem to like an anime called "Shakanana something no something"...

    what's it about? (whatz eet all aboot? <-- Canadian translation)
  3. Depends, classes start next week so....dont know what classes are left. Xd Though its rarely a problem, I know as I wait til the week before all the time. Muwehehe
  4. T_T i'm really sorry the internet connection here is so cursed...

    but alas! we shall try again next week!

    ^o^ the Shinku is taking classes again! huzzah! what subjects?
    the Sosh and me are taking a geology class for G.E. purposes!
  5. Sry, done for tonight. Maybe we can try again next time? I'm off of work all week next week so. But not at night since I go back to classes. :/
  6. try again. ^^;

    Cuz Sazuka has no probs
  7. ToT i've been trying this whole time!

    first it couldnt even connect...
    then your town would show up, then it couldn't connect...
    then your town did show up, then it couldn't connect...
    and then your town doesn't show up anymore...

    T_T when it could connect to your town, it said that there was no response...
  8. Where you at? Sazuka's already here
  9. Good than. ^^; Gates open now too, opened right up so there should be no probs connecting.

  10. naw, it's cool! already got peaches!

    will try to visit in a couple of minutes! enough time to toast a bagel!
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