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  1. ( ^o^)/ he is indeed!
    \(^o^)/ and i finished K-On! last night! ! yay~
    the last episode was so cute! Azusa needs a cat now~
  2. So true. (=w=) d I just love Mint Chocolate chip. Though I also love Lemon Sherbet as well...mmmmmmm.

    (o_O) Oh? Is that so? Soshi is so nice, LOLS. ~
  3. oh~. . . that's good? . . . that's bad? any weather can be improved with ice cream though! !

    ( ^o^)/ Soshi bought the second manga of Lucky Star for me~
  4. Meh-ish. Not bad, not good.
  5. Hey Shinku! how are things on your side of the U.S. of A?

    ( ^o^)/ it's hot n muggy over here~
  6. Figured that you would.

    So now you just have another 12 episodes of it to go. (unfortunately its one of those short series...T^T)

    <3 it!!
  8. Awesome! you finally got some freelance work!! HOORAY FOR YOU~
  9. Hey, I'm on the Wii now so...

    ...and yeah, I can sends you translations. Just give me some time ok? I actually got some other translations in the works, its finally paid off to put myself out there as a freelance translator!! \(^_^)/
  10. \(^o^)/ yeah! let's shoot for 6pm (our time), is that cool!
    even set a reminder on mah phone so we won't forget!

    AWESOME! you can really send me the translations???!!!
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