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  1. \(^o^)/ omg! once again, Miyuki looks freakin' awesome!!

    O.o apple mint motor oil? i guess it makes sense with Otaku Car Culture... but... apple mint?

    ( ^o^)/ but gosh damn i wish i could have a lucky star MasterCard!!

    >o< these things are ridiculous, but so awesome!!
  2. Just put up a BUNCH of new info on "Lucky Star" in the Lucky Star thread:

    Lucky Star

    You will be surprised at some of that stuff. Now, I'm off to have an Lucky Star induced freak out. \(@_@)/
  3. Not sure, I just saw the title in a list of upcoming releases so....I just got excited as I've been obsessed with my PSP recently. It seems like it's all I've been playing recently. I havent touched the Wii in months and...the PS2? Apparently its been well over a year for me. (O_O)

    *goes back to playing "SD Gundam G-Genereation Portable" and "Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology" on PSP* Woot!! \(^_^)/
  4. is it the arena one? cuz Soshi already told me all about that~
  5. Hey Abu, guess what? "Steambot Chronicles" are coming to the PSP at the end of the month, that's what. \(^_^)/
  6. ... did i thank you for making my thread a sticky??

    if not... THANK YOU!!
  7. Knew that a LONG time ago...cuz I frequent Harada Takehito's HP. (He's the character designer) Not sure if I'll get it though...atleast not anytime soon. >XD

    Awwww, no online play? Than I guess I might as well put my money into other games.

    ..."flirting" is putting it lightly. (-_-);;;

    ^_^ Phatom Brave is coming out for the Wii~ did you like that game?

    oh, and as for your question a long time ago about Class of Heroes having online and it doesn't look like it~! may be wrong, but looked all over the site ( and saw no sign of it!

    ^_~* is kedar flirting with you again? too cute!
  9. Before I forget:

    Happy Anniversary for you and Soshi!!! (I know its a bit early but wth right?)

    ...still working on something for the two of ya but I donts know if I'll finish in time so...^^; We'll just have to wait and see now wont we?
  10. Yeah...well you could always try and buy them online. ^^;

    "...or are they running out of ideas?", now that's an scary thought for the world of anime/manga/games where ANYTHING goes. (@_@)
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