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  1. The joys of the fantasy world... *reminisce* You can have the girl you want 3D or 2D, blow up the world or save it from monster alien creatures from the planet Mars, or best of all change your hair color! O_O But I'm a fantasy writer at heart and real world should just leave me alone insofar that no one blows up Akihabara or anime/game companies, or the world's population of otaku will get their revenge.

    Guess i'll count myself lucky that everything i have ordered has reached me, safely. *peace sign*

    Thus the lead male role which can have a romantic relationship with them would be us (the players) XD. Mio... Azu-nyan... i don't know who's storyline i'd complete fully first. Though as a music rhythm game, i could see that happening, perhaps on the DS, maybe the Wii, or even on the PSP. I don't see it happening on the other two main systems though...

    That's really nice info about Himeya, now it opens up a much larger range of items to potentially buy. Speaking of Himeya, have you checked out some of the life-sized products? Such ridiculous prices, but i wonder if i had that much money if i would spend it on one of them, or a hell of a lot of other stuff...

    English dub K-On? I know... I shuddered when i heard that, literally.
  2. *read post on zyta's profile* It's true!! I heard it and always love the ending theme of K-ON but this english dub broke my poor little ears. I nearly cried. It was nowhere near as good at the Japanese. It was to the point of scary!!

    Which reminds me I have to finish watching 10 (been busy T_T) and make a siggy of K-ON. I really did like my last one....
  3. Sometimes I feel that we have gone off the deep-end; wanting to hold their hands and eat the food they make XD Hell, i'd settle to be the NPC that passes them in the hallway >>

    USPS did something?

    I'd love for them to make it a game as well, but who would be the main guy? I mean in the Haruhi and Toradora games at least there was already a lead male for the show. I personally love dating games, probably more than RPG's O_O but the way i see it, you are role-playing to get the girl you like...
  4. Yea they did add another guitar; they didn't have to, i'm surprised that they went and actually did put it in, as well as all the other stuff that KyoAni just did for Azu-nyan's sake.

    I was late watching it too, couldn't do it friday with my sister's graduation and all. waste of a good 3-4 hours T_T

    I didn't think the Ritsu-Yui pairing was that blatant, but i'll admit... I was too focused on Azu-nyan and Mio *shameless* ._. Was it just me, or did Mio put in a real fight to retake her top Moe character with this episode? She may have big hands, but I what i would do to hold them...

    It does seem that K-On will be around that length, I sure hope to whatever anime God there is that it is not true, but judging from how 'long' first year went in the world of K-On versus overall spring season episode length, it may go into summer...

    OO' my whole front comment page...
  5. Hi there, I'd like to borrow one of the sigs you made over at the gallery. You know, the red Hell Girl sig?
  6. loli with that much moe power is enough to best ANYONE for the top spot.

    gotta love Mugi in the corner, eyes sparkling whenever Yui and Azu-Nyan are doing their thing, like when Yui gives her some cake.
  7. Any time.

    I knew it! Azu-nyan is my favorite! Moe, Moe, Kyun....
  8. Yo!

    Is your computer's language setting set to Japanese? I had the same problem installing until I switched to Japanese.

    And I recommend the manga. It's a great read, simple. Like the anime, it seems to go by real fast though.
  9. you know, i don't recall the manga saying (yet) what club she joined. We can only hope that the Anime will explain that; it's done a great job so far filling in the extra time they have per episode >>
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