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  1. [QUOTE=Shinku no kage;660270hmph, kinda weird to be hearing you say that something is cute. I'm just used to you mentioning sexy characters. >Xd[/QUOTE]

    you take that back, man! xP
  2. *LOLS at Abu's comment on the AC town name*

    Hilarious, thanx for the laugh
  3. Heh, I dont even have the money to buy it myself. >Xd

    But if I win the lotto or something than I just might consider it...>XD
  4. you wanna buy one for me
  5. Slightly out of randomness:
    Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Codes Portable

    Wasnt sure if you're just a Fate fan or a Type-Moon fan but thought maybe this might be of interest to you if you already didnt know. Its a fighter so you dont really need to know Japanese to enjoy it and its for the PSP so you dont have to worry about the region settings. (Assuming that you own a PSP...if not than, I just wasted your time no?)
  6. ...I havent made it a sticky? Weird.

    Well guess I'll go do it know, thanx for the heads up.

    ...and yeah, its actually getting a decent turn out...I honestly expected it to fail but I guess I was wrong. >XD
  7. Gotta sticky that moe thread man, too epic.
  8. ...if I provided you with the blade and just watched than wouldnt that make me responsible for your death?'re trying to set me up!!! (O_O)
  9. I failed, gimme a blade im gonna commit suicide in front of you.

  10. Seen it, it's near the bottom of my "to get" list...just cuz I'm not THAT much of a Miku fan and its rather a bit pricy for me anyways.

    Still, thanx for the news
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