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  1. "Hahahah", very funny with the new sig there Legend....
  2. K, well maybe some other time than. And ok, I'll let the comment be.
  3. I want to but I can't man, my Wii is down at my other home and I won't be back till tonight.

    And just leave hokage's comment xD
  4. Hey man, Abu and I are gonna be playing AC so we wanted see if you wanted to join...or rather let us visit your town. Thats only if you want to...or can. Dunno if you're busy or not so. ^^;

    ~ BTW, you want me to edit hokage's comment or keep it there to laugh at? LOL
  5. Shinku Im a sports fan so I know my times lol.

    I won't get off work till 6, so uh that's your 9 pm.
  6. Ah, I see...well good luck with that C'mon, real life comes before game life right?....right?

    Sazuka says she'll probably be on after for you guys on the west coast I guess that'd be around 2? Just a heads up. initials are SNK!? No $#!t
  7. lol no! I'm trying to finish my part time job in real life! xD

    I'll let yall know when you all are ready. Seems like you guys have trouble connecting...

    Your initials are SNK
  8. Hey, you finish your chores with Nook? XD
  9. Nope
  10. You don't see anything wrong if someone PM everyone and told them it was his or her bday? :P lol
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