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  1. so technically the game is only worth playing for two weeks, and you gotta restart every two weeks?? Doesn't seem that fun. Well lemme know what happens, then maybe I'll just download it :P
  2. They claim its a "slow-life simulation". I havent gotten it yet (hopefully by this weekend) and apparently you spend 2 weeks with Kuma-tan in real time. So even if you're at work and you've got your DS turned off she's going out doing stuff. Cute...
  3. hey man that ds game of yours, what genre is it??
  4. =_=;; Ahaha...yeah. Well it MIGHT be possible...I cant make decent gifs but I've seen some amazing GFX members at AnimeSuki and the sig file size limit is ONLY 50kb there!!! 1/4 of ours!!
  5. great idea about the animated sig, too bad this place is too cheap for us to have an animated one
  6. Thanx for the comment on the av. Just too bad I didnt make it, I just borrowed it from Kumatan's HP...but it truly is damn cute. Cant wait til I get the game. >w<
  7. that avatar is so damn cute
  8. lol if you're replying you're suppose to click on "view conversation" then reply like that, otherwise ppl won't know you replied.

  9. hey man, don't see you on anymore. wassup.
  10. Shinku why won't you join our sexay club?
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