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  1. Hi Renn, in our last SOTW we've had a 5-way tie so the win is handed over to the member with the most credits out of the bunch = YOU. So please create a thread for "SOTW July 26 - August 1" with the theme of your choice.

  2. OMG!! Is it??? I didn't notice. Thanks or I would have been in trouble!!! *resizing now*
  3. Hey, you need to re-size your sig. As awesome as it is it's over the AO sig limit via 30 pixels in height. Just as a refresher the AO sig limit is: 500 x 130

    Cuz if "I" dont get a bigger sig limit than neither should you. )Xd

  4. *read post on zyta's profile* It's true!! I heard it and always love the ending theme of K-ON but this english dub broke my poor little ears. I nearly cried. It was nowhere near as good at the Japanese. It was to the point of scary!!

    Which reminds me I have to finish watching 10 (been busy T_T) and make a siggy of K-ON. I really did like my last one....
  5. XD I bet you had a funny April first huh, Shinku?? I was getting all confused until I read your journal. Well, tomorrow(hopefully), everything will be normal(doubt it).
  6. well for me it is. I don't want to get into trouble. ^^ But thank you for being nice enough. I don't like infraction....T^T I actaully haven't had one since I was a noob. Ahhh....brings back memories. Did you know AO was the first forum I have ever been on?? It was nothing I have ever experinced before. lol. *sigh*
  7. Well its not really THAT big of a problem for me. (Cant say much for the rest of the staff...especially Hassun) That'd be why I didnt give you any infractions or anything. I see sig size rule violations only as a minor problem so I try and be lenient with it. Still, that doesnt mean you cant be too careful. XD
  8. I know!!! I felt so bad!!!! I was like: Oh no!!!!!! I broke a rule!!!!! Seriously!! I try my best to follow the and other stuff. Really!! *holds hand up* On my honor!! ^__^

    Sorry If I caused trouble for you.
  9. ~Thanx

    BTW: Please be careful with the sig rules. I had to change your sig twice in one day, thats...two more than I average weekly. D:<

    ...and I'm just being mean for ^, but really, do be careful with the rules and all.
  10. Wow Shinku!! Happy 3rd AO birthday!!!!! lolz if that makes sense. You're a year older than me!!!! XD My 2nd year is almost here too. I can't wait!!! ^__^
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