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  1. ....well too bad than. Guess you'll either have to try and make one yourself or find someone else that you already know to do it. )Xd
  2. I don wanna join it. *cries*
  3. ....and?
  4. You suck.
  5. ...why are you asking me? Join the site yourself and ask. )Xd

    Here's their thread on it btw:

    Though from what I've seen there hasnt been anyone making any sigs or avy for it yet.
  6. You should get the animesuki people to make me an avy of Hatchin dancing from episode 4 of Michiko e Hatchin.
  7. BTW, bring some more peaches plz. ^^
  8. No, I invited you because I DIDNT want you over

    BTW, have you gotten invited to Redd's shop yet? If not I've got an invite so.
  9. Canicomeover!?
  10. hey, if you CAN than you wanna come visit my town? Abu is coming over and the there seems to be no probs going online tonight.

    ~thought that'd I let you know
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