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  1. 9, 11, 13, and 16. Not too busy. I just have to get them off to school, make meals for them, drive them to and fro places, and put the two youngest to bed. Something along those lines anyway. What's new with you? Did you have a good Christmas and New Year's?
  2. awesome. I'm not forgotten! WOOT!

    >....< I wanna go to Hawaii! (lucky Japxican parents)
    XD but thats cool. I hope they are acting right. How old are the little whippersnappers?
  3. Of course I remember you! We wrote the coolest poem way back when. What've you been up to? I'm in charge of my siblings for ten days (playing mom--yay!) while my parents are in Hawaii. It's pretty good, though. Lots of "bonding time" haha.
  4. Yooo! whats up. Havent talked you in a min. :3 Remember me??
  5. I totally understand. I am the same way on good days.
  6. i guess that's what happens when you take an english grammar course...
  7. maybe i shouldn't get so outta hand cuz i really don't have more than a 100 level English course and that was 3 years ago. it's not like i'm a poetry fanatic who knows all the dos and don'ts, but i notice that no one really criticizes my work (except maybe you and beast) and i'm sure it's the same for other people.
  8. I kno, i was like dang Jap went college Eng teacher on me. lol but its cool. glad u was told
  9. hi, what's up? by the way, i did totally go on an editing wiz last night...
  10. ya, i here ya. i've been hearing of a lot of ppl being sick. good luck with your test and paper. i hope you do well.
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