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  1. i feel ur pain. Im sick as a dog.... i have a test on monday and a paper due tuesday that i didnt start... like you said thank god itsh weekend. I think so far every college student is pretty much sick
  2. mm...not too bad. I've been pretty sick these past few days and bed-ridden, which has kind of been hindering my homework situation. Thank goodness it's the weekend...
  3. im good just getting ready fr a test monday and you? ^^
  4. Hey Shippo, how're you?---------------------------
  5. lol its fine. Who cares we didnt get a lenght. But theres a good format we can use to keep it from being effing longggg
  6. i just realized that the beginning of the poem i gave you is already pretty long. I got a little carried away.
  7. okies. u can start writeing. ill finsh wat ever u write.
  8. oh, i don't have any messenger right now. i'll just pm you; it'll be easier for sure.
  9. okay, sounds good. i don't really know any poets on a.o at all. if we pick a topic, lets not do something about death/love/suicide. i find there are way too many poems about that and i'd rather create something original. thanks for the compliment, by the way, it's very encouraging.
  10. Oh, just so you kno...(because i was pretty upset wen someoe did this to me) We are aloud to have multiple partners for this project. I have one other person so feel free to find some else too. I picked you because it looked like you didnt write any poems for POTM plus your a good writer. Out of a good majority of the writers on AO i find your writing in my top 5 faorites. Sooo I hope this does bother you.
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