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  1. umm lets see, i didnt have anything in mind. Think about it today. I'll let you start it off tommorrow we can work it out. I have Uni too soo that'll be good for us. Do you have an MSn or Yahoo messager? If not justpm me some thoughs. ^^ Im excited to hear what you have in mind.
  2. okay, cool. lets do it. so we need a sort of theme or topic for our poem. did you have anything in mind? we've got all month to work on it (super sweet 'cause i have university classes) and i'll be mostly free on the weekends including Fridays, so we can collaborate then. Sweet, i've never wrote a poem for a contest before.
  3. Poem of the Month. If you go to the peotry section theres a subthread at the top. Then theres the Sept. one.
  4. hi, you're gonna have to explain to me what POTM is. i'm not so good with acronyms.
  5. Ello I was wondering could you be my partner for Sept. POTM?
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