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  1. really? I think that Henrietta looks at the 2. season cuter. xD
    So, sometimes i will watch the second season.
  2. i didnt watch the 2nd seson yet becuase the animating looks horrible,to me anyway.
  3. there is also a manga of gunslinger girl?
    you finished gunslinger girl? if so, did you watch the 2. season of gunslinger girl?
    hm no, i don't exited gg. I'm at episode 5 or so. xD'
  4. yup anytime... i just think gunslinger girl is such a good show! and the manga as well....sorry with anime i get exeted easily....what about you???
  5. of course.
    A friend said that Henrietta is so like me. xD
    hehe, thx.
  6. cool and gunslinger girl too??? you do have good taste in anime!!!
  7. lol, I post it now on my own profile. XD
    so, you've guessed right. ^-^
    my favorite chara is mizore too.
  8. cool! so im guessing your favorite character i rosario is mizore as well??? or not?
  9. oh sorry. xD'
    oh yes, I watch rosario + vampire and I'm fine. ^^
  10. hello!
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