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  1. hah lucky you well i don't know how old AO is but it's still working XD and we've had a change in admins not so long ago ^^ so new blood is taking over
  2. ROFL, little weird is under estimation here XD! But I guess but I have plenty of time, -cough- is on spring break :P, but yes I actually like this community. Reminds me a lot of my old anime forum ASMR, which sadly shut down after 10+ years on the running.
  3. heh well you sure aren't waisting your time ohh that sucks XD well i guess you'll have to wait til tomorrow then, because it might be a little wierd if i made the thread for you hah ^^
  4. Well you see, I wasted my 4 new threads per day in the fanfic section, ^^7 I posted my fanfic and yeah. But, I'll try and yea they might know something about this .____.; I need to really find the answer to this because our forum keeps growing but any member after 65,535 falls into the glitch and yea with 100+ new members daily...its a staggering problem in the hands of our staff members T_______T
  5. You could try making a Thread in the "Tech Center" i hope that would be the right forum for it, if not then i may apologize, because i can't really answer that, but maybe some of our mods or admins could help you with your problem ^^ hope it might be a little helpfull ^^
  6. Hello there ! Well as I was asking in my intro, I am having problems with a invisionfree board. I am actually a mod for that forum, Bww2, and appearantely our board grew so much in numbers invisionfree is not able to register anything higher than 65,535 members. And this is resulting in ghost accounts (several members with the same name and numbers), several accounts being banned accidently due to the ghost accounts and several other glitches. So I was wondering, do you know how to fix this?
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