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  1. Sounds good to me................ (crayz dance yay)
  2. LMAO...I need to get characters to interact with each other. So I am having both of my characters doing a lot.
  3. Really.... I thought sneakyarrow was the only one messing with my guy.... kul i will reply right now.
  4. It's ok ^^ its no big deal

    By the way one of my characters from Rhapsody of Destruction is nears yours. I am waiting for a reply.
  5. sry about that sometimes i get stuff in my head and i just go with it.
  6. ._____.; It's ok but it would've been nice if you warned me.
  7. I am sorry for the miss understanding My dude has advance hearing cuase he is a Godling. If it is still confusing I could rereedit my post.
  8. Sorry sorry...I was planning to start today. But, I've been buried under assignments and projects...and the intro to this RPG requires a longer post to introduce information that was not in the plot I stated. I will try my best to post it during school tomorrow, but I can't promise anything. But, I will have the RPG by tomorrow night.
  9. So Shizuka when are we going to start the rpg Rhapsody of Destruction?
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