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  1. sry about that sometimes i get stuff in my head and i just go with it.
  2. Okay, before I post (which will be tomorrow) let us discuss what should happen next. Can we? I'm trying to understand what is all going on. ^^ Or rather what you are planning XD
  3. I am sorry for the miss understanding My dude has advance hearing cuase he is a Godling. If it is still confusing I could rereedit my post.
  4. So Shizuka when are we going to start the rpg Rhapsody of Destruction?
  5. Hahaha. You would THINK that it is just some Naruto bull huh? I thought so too but found his style very interesting. I looked it up to see what I can find and it actually is based on a ninjutsu. I don't recall the japanese name for it though. However, it doesn't do that weird chakra thing like in the show, it actually targets the several weak spots on the body such as the throat, solar plex and even one's heart. There is even a move that takes only 3 out of 6 spots to hit in order to stop someone's heart........never tried it but nice to know. Tae Kwon Do is a very good fighting style too. I thought about using it but I am not very strong so straight forward never worked for me (believe me, I tried). And as for the stupid little tricks in martial arts, I agree. Doing weird stunts while defending yourself is not the brightest idea. Luckily, all you need to do is find the weak parts of the body and strike with speed. I have actually taken down my friend who had about 200 lbs. on me and was about 5 times my strength. Very usefull for a bigger opponent. Though, I am sure your style works just as well. You target the groin?! Damn. I know I would drop in a heart beat.
  6. Holy crap girl! I better not make you mad huh? Of course, I sparred with a "black belt" before and kicked his ass but I am sure your a lot better. So is there a favorite stance you use or is there just one for tei kwan doe? I use the "Water Dragon" technique. I favored it when I saw it on an anime show, Naruto. I thought it was fake but I looked it up and was able to study it. It's used to attack pressure points in the body with an open palm or three fingers at fast speeds.
  7. Hello there, just dropping by to say hi. ____________________________________
  8. Ah. Life not going your way then huh? Sorry to hear that. I am sure it'll all turn around eventually. Anyways, let's go onto a happier topic shall we? You like martial arts huh? That's cool. I am not very serious about it but I do study a little. How long have you been doing that for? Couple years?
  9. Ok. I'llgive it a look soon. Sp how are ou this lovely day......well its nice out here at least.
  10. Hi there. Bored as heck so I'm just dropping by random places to say hi so..........Hi.
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